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Our company operates in real estate. From finding the best option for the client, or the reform of the purchased building from scratch, to subsequent maintenance of real estate.But there is little to buy a house in a good location (Marbella), you need to create comfortable living conditions.We offer settlement services to their houses and apartments.Our designers will develop for you an individual project that we are implementing in a convenient timeline.We work with well-known European manufacturers of furniture and furniture can offer different style and price category.The design project includes not only the furniture and the need to reform the house, but the interior elements, such as curtains, paintings, statues, carpets, flowers and more.Our projects are carried out in 3D and you can appreciate the quality of the project before its implementation.

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    I think it's great and will be recommending it! I use a lot of themes, usually sticking with the same company to stay familiar with their setups, I thought I'd try this for a new project and it's great! — Jennifer Robinson, CEO, Sonic

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    Your service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, yet friendly level. I have been impressed with your approach. I have forwarded your name to potential clients. — Andy Perry, Manager, CIF

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    I cannot thank you enough for your assistance regarding an enquiry I made. It is so refreshing to receive a prompt and professional service. I do wish you every success as you deserve it. — Kevin Evans, CEO, Freedom



It makes no sense to list all the factories we work with, it's the majority of European manufacturers of luxury furniture.Very popular today, furniture from Italy and Germany, as well, is gaining popularity Spanish furniture.In addition, we offer our customers not to make a choice between the different manufacturers, but rather to assess the projects home or apartment, designed by our designers. You can choose a super expensive furniture, but it is a bad design will look ridiculous. Conversely, a good project will create comfort and with a minimal amount of furniture.


We design in 3D with photographic quality. You will see what will be your home before starting work. A lot of attention is paid to the details of the interior.
Customer Support
Individual work with the client. You can not create a good project without knowledge of the tastes and preferences of the client and his family. Sometimes a small hobby can dramatically change the direction of the project.
Construction work
Question design ceases at the stage of construction or re construction work. Our company can do this work for you. Quality is guaranteed!
It is important to establish and tasteful furniture. Our experts will collect your furniture, hang lighting elements (chandeliers, sconces), to place the scenery.


Certain projects involve the presence of rugs or carpeting. Din Color, size and pattern for each project its own. That's why we offer carpets from different manufacturers that have proved themselves well.

Without fine detail interior does not look alive on the art objects are needed in any home. But it is important to pick up all tastefully decorated.

Any housewife will tell you that there is no house without curtains.They are necessary in any project.For the convenience of our customers, we have signed a contract of cooperation with several companies that are engaged in curtains.The client is not necessarily looking for them on the side, as is usually the project has already been made under the curtains that we have.

Under wallpaper we mean any wall covering not only paper but also of fabric, leather, special panels. A wide range of the most unusual and exclusive wallpapers to order directly from the factory.

A very important detail in the interior. We can say that there is no light interior. We give you the lighting solution from different vendors. Our projects include all that we can offer you.

There are many details that can not be described in a certain section.For example: writing set on a table in an office, like a trifle and without empty.These little things give the project an element of finality.They are required.We are looking for them sometimes in the most unexpected places.And sometimes we create for yourself, or order from the masters.


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