Construction work in Spain

Your home in southern SpainHaving a property in the exclusive resort of the Costa del Sol - the goal of many financially held, people. Regardless, whether a businessman or for pensioners, on the coast everyone will find what he likes and can afford. The desire to build your house laid in human nature, and we (Status Marbella SL) are ready to help.
The objectives for which the client wants to build a villa in Marbella and the surrounding area can be different:
  • - for personal use.
  • - for personal use with the subsequent sale.
  • - As the investment project.
Depending on the objectives may vary:
- The location and size of the building plots. For personal use client chooses where he was to live comfortably, he was not very concerned about how much real estate in the area sold by the coast. Sometimes it is enough for the client to be seen from the window of the sea and he is ready to accept that there are no shops nearby. Business people in the building for himself, always take into account the possibility of future sales. Because the place is important to them, but not so much its exclusivity and remoteness from the main centers (almost always 5-10 minutes drive from Puerto Banus, golf courses, shopping centers). There are a number of clients (VIP) for which the opposite is important elite and closed space for development, and it does not matter that far. Investors need a happy medium of price and location, the elite-size.
- Draft villa. When a person builds for himself, he takes into account their tastes, interests and the size of their own family. When working on a development project must take into account the requirements of all kinds of possible buyers.The house that we are building on Zagaleta
- The materials used in construction.
A very important factor in building a mutual customers and contractors. As the house is being built many of the elements that have been agreed upon initially should be changed. Progress in construction, new materials, vendor pricing, new ideas designers can make adjustments to the process. At the same time, you need to pass your home in time for the negotiated contract.
The average term of the construction work is 1.5-2 years.
We (Status Marbella SL) to work with clients in a complex. If you have a desire to build a villa on the Costa del Sol (from Malaga to Gibraltar), then we will find a plot of land in a good location, with architects and designers to develop a project, let us all documentation and building permit, the construction of a permanent control over the quality of work and regular reporting to the customer, perform warranty service built property.

Site preparation.

Site preparation for constructionThe initial stage of the construction of any home - site preparation for construction. It's all kinds of eskavatsionnyh works and construction support from the fences of stone needed to build the site. It is also necessary to strengthen the ground, depending on the topography of the site. The initial phase of work requires professional expertise breed, its composition, identifying weaknesses area for landslides. This is followed by the project - a strategy to strengthen the area, conducted to count the number and depth of the support piles and beams. Read more ...

The foundation and frame.frame houses

The basis of any home - a solid foundation and the structure (frame), their durability and reliability depends on the longevity and stability of the construction of the house. Latest technology and high quality materials give confidence in the strength of any home builder, and many years of experience and lack of deformations and not orderly drawdown of buildings - the company card.
  SISMOConstruction of modern buildings requires the use of new proven technologies. In terms of the structure of the house, we have adopted the technology SISMO BUILDING. Very high quality, zarekmendovavshaya itself in the world SISMO technology can significantly reduce the two main components of construction:
 - Financial costs
 - Timing of the project
 At the same time, the strength of the foundation, walls and ceilings has an incredible performance. The structure is stable, reliable and stable. Furthermore, the walls and floor system SISMO thermopanels made of the process performed at the insulation structure formation.  Read more ...

The materials that we use in the construction and repair in Spain.

 The main criteria for the selection of materials:
 ·         Reliability. This characteristic is very important. We work only with reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Always require certificates of quality and specifications of all materials used in the construction and repair work.
 ·         Environmentally friendly. Building materials must be safe for human health, it is an axiom in the choice of materials. Maximum meet the criteria for sustainability of natural materials, which have long been used by man. For example stone, wood, clay ....
 By this, we try to make the project a maximum amount of natural materials: Read more ...

Engineering Works.

Engineering SystemsCorrect, thoughtful, modern engineering systems offer maximum comfort of stay in the house. In our projects implemented all the advanced technology of engineering systems with a large reserve of reliability and relevance of the operation of the house for many years. In our project, which is now being implemented, almost all engineering systems and security system, spa, ... tied to the system of "smart home". The system of "smart home" gives you the opportunity to enjoy control over the management of the house. Read more ...