We develop projects of different categories, from budget options to the Super Suite Villa, and with each client to have the number 1.
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   Design Trends today in Marbella (Costa del Sol) - a house in Art Nouveau style, minimalism, hi-tech, as undying classics with small injections of other styles of architecture.
   Company Status Marbella SL refers to designing creative enough, we try not to be a "template", but considering the trend of the construction today.

   Regarding the classical style of architecture - it is the basis of everything created today, the foundation for the formation and composition. It is on this classic - it is a symbol of eternity. The interiors are made in a classic style create a subconscious sense of harmony and poryadka.Vidya beautiful, adjusted lines, a person does not experience discomfort or anxiety. This space is clear, firm and friendly.
   But the years go, and everything changes. So it is quite classic changed, I went to the rapprochement with other styles, while retaining their main qualities: good quality and adherence to traditions. This is why the interior in neo-classical style is very relevant. They give people a sense of luxury, comfort and warmth.
   Modern society and the new generation dictate their conditions of life. And it is also reflected in the architecture, construction, design. New architectural trends in the Art Nouveau style, tech, minimalism, constructivism, bio-tech and others have taken a significant niche in the construction market. This style of has no limits, it is a space for fantasy and ideas. Each house, interior - another story from his life and character.
   Company Status Marbella SL is not a supporter of that particular style. We are trying to find their own line in modern design and construction. It is a project carried out by us Zagaleta B1-22 - is conceptually a new format. A gentle interweaving of styles and designs that form the special character of the house.
   We are always experimenting, we view different combinations of styles, their appropriateness and harmony, engaged in the search for new materials, their combination with recognized, deservedly well-established classic design.
   But we have a constant and (unbreakable) principles and priorities when building a house: comfort, comfort, functionality, accuracy and reliability.