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Investment projects on the Costa del Sol

Investments in Spain, particularly in construction is a liquid investment of funds with a stable income. Professional approach in the construction of unique, re-home, a hotel or restaurant with original architecture and design can provide Your business a decent advantage in the industry.

Status Invest experts will provide high quality project support at all stages of implementation: from choosing the right plot and concept to start a business project.

Most people intending to buy a property in Spain, prefer the southern region (Costa del Sol) and in particular the pearl by the sea – Marbella. Luxury real estate on the southern coast of Spain (Costa del Sol) - the best choice for those who value true comfort. A mild climate, beautiful natural landscapes, stunning views of the mountains and the Mediterranean sea attract more and more people from all over the world. To live in “Marbella” extremely comfortable because of the mild climate, developed infrastructure, a very special atmosphere, not re-Spanish flavor with its cuisine and traditions. Marbella has captivated many famous people in the world: big businessmen, famous athletes, actors, politicians, pop stars, etc.

As a result of the ownership of property on this resort became the attribute of high status and a sign of prosperity of its owner. And such trend has continued for decades and has positive growth.

Investors are mostly interested in luxury properties in Spain the prices are the most stable in the coming years is viewed positive situation for the investor, as projected steady growth in property prices. And it is quite natural that more and more people wishing to buy property on the coast and limited land resource. Status Invest is developing ultra modern projects on construction of real estate of any category, laying the relevance and the attractiveness and marketability of the facility for years to come. This approach provides a guaranteed profit from investing in the construction sector.

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