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Construction work

We (Status Marbella SL) to work with clients in a complex. If you have a desire to build a villa on the Costa del Sol (from Malaga to Gibraltar), then we will find a plot of land in a good location, with architects and designers to develop a project, let us all documentation and building permit, the construction of a permanent control over the quality of work and regular reporting to the customer, perform warranty service built property. Properties on the Costa del Sol - is a dream that we turn into reality!

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Repair work.

Company STATUS MARBELLA S.L happy to help you.It will make a preliminary assessment of the state of the property will make the project of reconstruction and will make repairs in your home.The priority for us - it's quality service that will leave a good impression about our client companies.We are engaged in repair of any complexity: from a mere replacement of a broken boiler to complete reconstruction of the house.

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Planning and design

Status Marbella S.L - gives the customer absolute freedom of ideas and solutions in the design of the house.The objective of our company - to design and build a house, as much as possible given the tastes and wishes of the client! Different style directions, a combination, complex architectural maneuvers - We love and know how to work with projects of any complexity.The main criteria in the construction of modern houses are - quality, comfort, environmental friendliness, individuality.You will enjoy - we guarantee!

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Swimming pool construction

It is hard to imagine a house in southern Spain without a pool.A large number of sunny days per year and the hot summer - these are the factors, which require the presence of the pool.This hotbed of freshness in the garden, and a great place for sports.Construction of swimming pools, a very important element in the design and construction of the house in southern Spain.Status Marbella has extensive experience in the construction of swimming pools of various types and configurations, filtration systems and climate control basins.We design and build swimming pools of all shapes and types.

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The woodwork

Status Marbella Company produces all kinds of woodworking.Parquet, decorative ceilings, wall panels, stairs, custom-made furniture, bar-rack, and more.We will develop your individual design in 3D, will make a selection of tree species adequate for use indoors or outdoors.Employees Status Marbella have a great experience with tropical wood species (teak, Ebano, etc..d.).Providing exclusive wood species are confirmed by international quality certificates.

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The climate on the Costa del Sol is not always hot and dry.A few months of the year (late fall and winter part) are rainy and damp, with piercing wind gusts of sea, although the temperature rarely drops below + 10C.These days especially nice to sit by the hearth open fire in the house, on the terrace or in the garden gazebo fireplace.Status Marbella make the individual design of your fireplace.As soon as possible to produce and install the system in your house or the terrace, will take over the servicing of the Costa del Sol.

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Professional team

Well-coordinated team of qualified professionals and extensive experience.

Quality of work

All work is performed by specialists from materials that meet European standards of ecology.


All work is done on time. We make guarantee and subsequent maintenance facilities.

Why us?

Company Status Marbella S.L with years of experience in construction work in the highlands of Spain carries out an ambitious project for the construction of an exclusive building in one of the most fashionable places in Europe - Zagaleta.Highly qualified staff Status Marbella S.L produce all kinds of construction and finishing works, satisfying the most refined tastes of customers.Quality, sophisticated designs, the selection of exclusive materials - give a sense of comfort and reliability to customers who live in homes built Status Marbella S.L.

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