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       Spanish cuisine is considered one of the most delicious and sophisticated in the world. The Mediterranean diet, which includes seafood, fresh herbs, cheese, olive oil, wine and exquisite ham, helps to stabilize blood circulation and has a positive effect on the whole body.

       One of the centers of agriculture in Spain is Andalusia. Olive fields, lush groves of oranges and avocados, which are famous all over the world.

      Marbella - truly a culinary jewel of Andalusia. Fresh seafood, greens, ham, meat is always present in every, even the smallest institution. Here you can not worry about the quality of the food - it's fresh and tasty.

      Number of restaurants, bars, snack bars, taverns, etc. Marbella is not supplied counting. All cuisines of the world are represented here on your taste.

     Taking a walk through the winding streets of the old town, where be at an impasse, you can find a restaurant where the food and service to rival any metropolitan restaurants.

     Occupy a special place chiringito - beach restaurants - Café. Special meals are considered sardines cooked on a fire (in the old fishing boat, filled with sand). Fresh hot fish, starry sky Spanish and warm sea is fascinating and brings a lot of positive emotions.

     Most of the restaurants has a menu in English, Russian, German and other languages. Attendants also multinational. Map of food and wine impresses with its diversity, and the taste will make you fall in love forever Marbella.

      Status Marbella has extensive experience with restaurants in Marbella and the surrounding area. We are happy to take over the care of the organization of your holiday, we will develop a show program, invited artists.

      We wish you bon appetite and good mood!