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    Every year, Spain (Costa del Sol) increases the flow of tourists and those wishing to purchase a property in this wonderful country. And this trend is natural.

    First of all - it's the climate, or rather microclimate is unique to this area. Lack of industry, too, is a huge plus in this region. Also, a minimum of rain, in the worst case three weeks a year, in winter, will fully enjoy the pleasant sunny days.

    Spain is famous not only huge sandy beaches, but also a wonderful ski resorts. It must be noted - the people (Andalusians), who lives in the area - wonderful, open and very nice people. They are quite expressive, emotional, but incredibly friendly.

    In Spain there are things to do and see, and choice - Huge. You will enjoy the local attractions, museums, towns with Roman, Arab, Andalusian architecture. Sports enthusiasts will find here everything wonderful golf courses, horse riding clubs, yacht clubs, lots of shady courts. And all this is combined with an extraordinary nature, beautiful local landscape and clean air. A special place is football. A large number of modern football fields and associated infrastructure you're surprised.

   Runs along the coast line, climbs into the mountains, cycling, riding a motorcycle on streamers and this is not the whole list, which offers Spain.

    Also note the local entertainment, which is famous for Spain and the Costa del Sol in particular. First of all, it's certainly a bullfight - a breathtaking fight strong and powerful bull and extraordinarily brave bullfighter. This show is worth the attention.

   Local cultural acquisition - flamenco dance of feelings and emotions in an unusual design. Flamenco - folded rhythm and unusual technique of this style of dance hits spectators. For the Spanish Flamenco is not just a dance, but an entire philosophy. Here are regularly held festivals of flamenco, flamenco is a major center of Seville - gorgeous Spanish city, the capital of Andalusia.

    Visit the Costa del Sol and you will not regret it!

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