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Marbella - a modern resort city with developed infrastructure. An important component of the development of society is education. Marbella cosmopolitan city, where representatives of dozens of nationalities from all over the world. Government programs provide them with ample educational opportunities for all age groups. For residents of the city and the surrounding area has a network of public and private institutions. Qualified staff will take care of your children.

Kindergartens and pre-schools are open throughout the city and suburbs. Nutrition, education, excursions are included in the mandatory list of services provided by them.

For school-age children, there are municipal and private colleges. The most famous and prestigious of them (Laude, Aloha College and others.) Provide a good base for higher education in the most prestigious universities in the world.

An important factor is the teaching and learning of several languages (French, English, Spanish, ..) Multifaceted communication s children and teachers in an informal setting (and optional excursions) produce a beneficial effect on the quality of learning. Children are taught tolerance and hard work, bring real citizens of the world.

For adults are offered a wide range of courses and clubs. Constantly held symposia and seminars, where anyone can qualitatively improve their level of education, or simply broaden their horizons.

Company Status Marbella can recommend an adequate school for your child, depending on age, inclinations, will take over the paperwork and organizing interviews with teachers.

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