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Medical care - one of the main criteria for the tourist business. Costa del Sol in general and Marbella in particular, is at a high level of quality of care. Modern equipment and highly trained staff 24 hours a day, 365 day a year will provide you with medical care.

In Marbella there as private (Quiron, Sanitas, Ochoa), and state (Hospital Costa del Sol) medical facilities.

The right to free access to public health services provided by social insurance (Seguridad Social), which pays for residents, private clinics for a modest fee (50-100evro per month) can provide you with their medical poles.

If you live outside the city (in the mountains) Helicopteros Sanitarias, if necessary, allocates you a medical helicopter, or other transportation, and promptly deliver the patient to the hospital.

Marbella, as well, Center for Plastic Surgery. Molding Clinic - a leader in this field. Plastic surgeons perform here seminars, meetings, contributing to the development of this branch of medicine. Also a lot of beauty clinics that do not use surgical techniques for skin care and body treatments.

South of Spain has traditionally been considered a place of rehabilitation. A large number of rehabilitation centers provide a range of services for different categories of patients (depending on the course of treatment and the price of your choice).

Dental clinics, massage parlors and spa centers are located in the city and in the suburbs, and transport interchanges and highways simplify access to them.

Most recently opened a new therapy center Dr. Blum, where the health massage treatments and restoration of the musculoskeletal system known athletes, stars of show business and politics. All Russian-speaking staff of the center, making it easy to communicate with customers.

Status Marbella has extensive contacts in this area. We recommend, accompany, provide transportation and support each of our clients, which will have a need for this.

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