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Residence permit

A residence permit in Spain - a document which allows you to:

  - Is in Spain throughout the year, for the duration of the residence permit. But not less than 180 days per year, or you may lose the residence permit;

  - Travel within the 27 Schengen countries;

  - Open accounts of residents in Spanish banks, and issue a loan to the conditions of the resident;

  - In the future, apply for citizenship in Spain;

  - To ask the residence and citizenship for family members;

  - Ability to obtain a residence permit in an accelerated and simplified form for children born in Spain.

   Obtain a residence permit in Spain can citizens of other countries who have enough money in good health and not tried.

    There are different types of permits and depending on them, you can:

   - Only live, but not to work. If you have enough money and you can prove it, as well as regular income at home, you can buy this residence for himself and his family. You do not even need to buy real estate, you need to lease for a long time.

   - Living and working on the contract. More difficult to get, but if you are a good specialist, and your specialty is currently in demand in the selected region (the list of specialties can be found at the consulate), it should be no problem. Long process and there is no guarantee 100% success rate in obtaining.

  - Learn. Student visa and residence permit. If you decide to know the country before moving, it is ideal. A large number of language courses will help you get started. But we must not forget the financial component, with a visa, you must prove that you will live for that over the life of the residence permit.

  - To live and work for themselves. You have the right to open his own business in Spain and as a result of actions of the company to request a residence permit. In this case, the annual turnover of the company should not be less than EUR 100 000 and work a few residents of Spain (more bodies better).

  - Gold Visa. Investment residence.

  Gold Visa.

   Law on support of entrepreneurs and their internationalization (Law 14/2013)

   September 28, 2013 gained momentum law to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization. This law introduces new rules (Chapter V, Section 2 International Mobility) for skilled immigration, in order to simplify the process of international mobility for professionals and those who want to invest in real estate or business in Spain.

  Gold-Visa, a program aimed at creating a flexible system for the issuance of a visa or residence permit, with the support of the safety measures that are necessary to ensure the safety of the Spanish society and sustainable development of social security in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • Assist in the development of corporate culture and the creation of an enabling environment for economic activity.

  • Incentives to attract investment and talent to ensure economic growth and job creation. For this simplified issuance of visas and residence permits for the following categories of citizens:

  • Investors

  • For Entrepreneurs

  • Highly qualified staff

  • Education

  • Movement within the company


  • issued a visa to stay at least a year of life.

  • A two-year residence permit with the possibility of extension:

 - Stores the result of investment.

  - Yes, in the period of validity of the permit at least one visit to Spain.

   • To make this residence permit, you must apply for a visa investor.

  Who can apply?

   Investors with significant investment in Spain:

   • Real Estate (500.000 €)

   • Shares and bank deposits (1 million. Euros).

   • Government bonds (2,000,000)

   • Business projects in Spain, in the public interest.

   Where the visa is issued?

   This type of visa is issued at the Consulate of Spain in the country of residence.

   What documents and requirements?

  • General: identity card or passport.

  - Public or private insurance policy companies in Spain.

   - Certificate of no criminal record.

   - Evidence of sufficient funds for himself and members of his family in Spain.

   • Special: certificate of investment:

   - Real Estate: Extract from the register of real estate and deed.

   - Not listed shares of companies: Application for investment from the Office of the Ministry of Economy.

   - Listed shares: a statement of the registered intermediary (the Commission for the Securities Market and the Bank of Spain), which confirms the investment.

   - Public debt bonds: Certificate from the bank or financial institution in Spain, confirming that the applicant is the sole owner of the property for a period of not less than 5 years.

   - Deposits in banks: Help financial institution confirming that the applicant is the sole owner of the deposit.

   - According to a business project: to petition the visa or a temporary residence permit is needed positive conclusion on enterprises and entrepreneurial activities, which are necessary in Spain. Where taken this conclusion?

   - To obtain a visa the general conclusion will ask in trade - economic representation of Spain in the region, which applied for a visa.

   - What would you ask the residence permit, the conclusion of a general nature are kindly requested to the Directorate for Trade and Investment.

   What do I need to request?

   Business plan, investor profile, the proposed field of activity, the estimated number of employees, the characteristics and qualifications for each of them, in any region, the amount of future investments and their origin.

   What is a project of public interest?

   • A project that creates jobs.

   • Implementation of investments, which are reflected in the socio-economic situation in the region.

   • Draft a significant contribution to the scientific and / or technical innovation. What else gives a residence permit an investor?

   • The residence permit entitles you to live and work across the country.

   • After obtaining a residence permit do not need actual residence in Spain. Only required to visit Spain once for the entire term of the permit.

   • a residence permit for spouses and children.

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