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Acquisition of real estate

     Buying property - this is one of the most important events in the life of any person. It is important not to be mistaken with a choice, you need to very serious about finding housing options that would meet your growing needs and financial possibilities of today. In Spain you can buy property on the same basis as the local population. To do this, visitors need only have a passport and money.

     The property owner is the one who is registered in an official document (Escritura Publika).

    1. If you are not a resident of Spain you must first request a foreigner identification number (NIE) in the local police if you are a private person or taxpayer identification number (SRI), if jur. Face and open a bank account from which you will pay for the purchase of real estate.

   2. When you have decided on the subject of shopping, then make a deposit in the amount of 6,000 euros for his reservation. Prepared a letter of intent purchase of this property, which reflects the object of purchase ("Contrado de compraventa" or "Contrado de opcion de compra"), the conditions and method of payment. Preparation time contract 2-4 days. At the signing of this contract, the buyer disburse 10% of the purchase price (the deposit is included in the 10%).

   3. The main document of sale (Escritura Publika) prepared by a notary public in the month during which the notary is not only prepares the contract, but also checks the property for the presence of different types of debts for this object. Contract signed by buyer and seller in the presence of a Spanish notary. By signing this document, the buyer pays for the rest of the amount. Then the buyer becomes full owner of the property and receives the keys to the property.

    4. After the sale of real estate, it is entered in the register of territorial property, where it is assigned a registration number, record number, location and volume. The registration process takes from one to three months. After the buyer receives at the hands original registration (Escritura publika), or get a copy if the purchase was formalized in the mortgage, and the original is sent to the bank.

     Expenditures for the purchase of real estate, as a rule, make 8,5-11% of property value.


     A little more nuanced:

   1. You can use the services of a notary public (as a rule, real estate agencies have a notary who draws up the deal).

   2. Agency Services paid by the seller. On average, this is 5% of the cost of housing.

   3. There are a number of cases where the services paid by the buyer when the agency is the buyer at auction (legal, banking ....) when the property is sold by the bank directly. In this case, an individual contract, and scrip commission discussed individually.

   4. Not all properties offered by the agency refers to this agency. Most agencies contracted for cooperation, according to which, a percentage of sales are divided between the agencies (those whose property and those who found the buyer). Thus, the price of the object is not changing. If you see that the agency in 1000 on the site of ads, the more likely it is a collection of different agencies.

   5. Even without being a resident of Spain, you can take a loan to purchase their villa or apartment, as well as the purchase of land, take out a loan for construction. Interest rates you're surprised.

  6. When buying a building plot is better to use the services of a real estate agency. Very good chance that by buying the land themselves, you can not build there what you want. At each site a percentage zastraivaemosti, the possible number of floors in some areas can not be built at all. The agency cooperates with the architect, who through their own channels to learn the characteristics of a particular area. In most cases, the customer comes in and says the agency criteria at home who wants to build and plot (location, type). For example, if the client wants to build a house of 400 m2 in two floors of the Agency will search the site no less than 1200 m2 (at a rate of 35% of the building, of which 25% of the ground floor and the upper 10%).

  7. It is very important when choosing a real estate agency to take into account the presence of management services for the property sold.

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